The Sunday Refine

Ah Sunday.  The best day of the week for me.  It’s still the weekend (hurray!) but it’s more chilled than Saturday, the day which usually sees never ending to-do lists get done.  I love a leisurely breakfast – although it’s generally more brunch by the time we sit down to it – with the Sunday papers.  I also love reading a few blogs who post specifically on a Sunday, which has been the inspiration for The Sunday Refine – a round up of things to interest and inspire you, ready for the next week ahead.

Oprah’s life changing lesson.  If it’s life changing for Oprah, I am all over it.

The Importance of Sleep.  “No aspect of our biology is left unscathed by sleep deprivation”.  Sleep deprivation, by the way, is classed as anything less than 7 hours a night… It’s also the key to success according to Arianna Huffington.

These Desert Island Book lists got me thinking about what my top 10 would be.  If it was based on number of times read (yep, I’m one of those re-readers who totally enjoys that ‘guilty pleasure’!), number 1 would be this.  And I’m not afraid to admit it.

Our next big home project is our bathroom.  I’m getting serious Insta inspo from Modern Luxe and Making Spaces.

Beautiful new art discoveries from Kayla Gale and Laura Wood.

In the event that we do see more sun, I need new sandals this year.  These, these and these are at the top of my list.  How to choose…?!

Sundays are mostly about eating and this is on the menu.

And these are the blogs that I always look forward to on a Sunday; interiors with Lisa Dawson and fashion with Wears My Money.


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