How to Design the Perfect Summer Patio


I am absurdly excited about the prospect of summer this year.  Last year, we spent pretty much every free weekend from April to August ‘doing’ the garden.  Which meant clearing it completely (removing trees and shrubs, digging up the roots of said trees and shrubs, dismantling the nearly falling down shed, taking down the old fencing, pulling up the old patio, taking up the old turf), landscaping (building a deck, digging out for a new patio, laying the new patio, levelling the ground for the new lawn, laying the new turf), putting up a new shed and fencing – and then painting the whole lot.

It was physically the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life.  At the end of most days it was all I could do to shakily lift a glass of wine I was so knackered.  I managed this though, obviously.

So, this year it is ready for action.  All we need now is some actual summer like weather.  With the prospect of a mini ‘heatwave’ (it’s Manchester, I have to be realistic, this could amount to a break in the clouds and a bit less drizzle) my thoughts are on outdoor living.

For me, there are some essential ingredients to creating the perfect summer patio.

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# 1 Comfortable Seating

If we’re going to be outdoors all day (and we are – weather, take note…), we need to be able to lounge.  A sofa is essential for me, as well as other seating for everybody else.

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# 2 Cushions, Rugs and Blankets

Essential to ensure premium lounging, a big pile of pillows, a rug and a blanket or two also enables you to add some serious style to your patio.

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# 3 Fairy Lights

No explanation necessary – fairy lights are always a good idea.

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# 4 Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are as important outdoors as they are indoors.  So think trays, side tables, footstools, candles and additional plants.

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# 5 Something a Bit Different

A statement chair, stool or light, something a little unexpected adds interest and ups the style factor.

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