Art in Unexpected Places

To say I love art is a bit of an understatement. I think it’s the best way to make an impact interiors wise; it can transform both the look and feel of your home and if like me, your hobby is regularly changing what’s on the walls, it’s a great way to make fairly quick and easy updates.  It’s also endlessly pleasurable to work on curating your art – collecting a mix of prints, paintings, your own images and stuff which you wouldn’t normally think of as ‘art’ and playing around with it all to bring it all together to refine the room.

Frankly any art in a room is (usually!) a good start.  But art in places you wouldn’t normally expect to see it, or art arranged in a different way really elevates the impact.  Here are some of my favourites.

In the Kitchen

Maybe my favourite place to find unexpected art.  The kitchen has evolved into a different space over the last few years – open plan living means this space is on show much more than it ever was.  The latest addition to my kitchen is this amazing print on the splashback which I think works really well with the three prints on the wall by the door.

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In the Bathroom

No room left behind could be my motto when it comes to art.  Just because this is usually the smallest and arguably most functional room in the house, doesn’t mean you can’t add the magic of art in here.

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Around a Door

I love making the most of usually unused wall space and adding art around and over a door way draws your eye up, making a room feel bigger.

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On the Floor

Probably the trickiest to get right, as there’s a fine line between intentional placement and just haven’t got around to hanging these yet.

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On a Ledge

One of the easiest but most impactful ways to display art.  Heavy layering of different pieces makes a real statement.  My ledge is a mix of prints, postcards and vinyl covers.

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So tell me – where do you find art in unexpected places?


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