5 Essentials to Create a Perfect Vignette

And onto my most favourite thing to do interiors wise – styling vignettes.  Although I can’t actually refer to something as a vignette with a straight face as it feels a bit too pretentious and certainly results in much eye rolling from Mr N.  Actually in thinking about this post, any description that I’ve come up with feels a bit squirmy – it’s about creating scenes or moments which are visually pleasing and thoughtfully curated all true but…urgghh.

Whatever words we use, vignettes are I think a big part of elevating what your home looks like and most importantly, gives plenty of opportunity for styling, titvating, faffing (both technical interior styling terms) and re-styling.  And the good news is, there are so many opportunities to create vignettes in every room of the house – your work here will never be done!

You’ll know when you’ve created a vignette you’re happy with – it’ll just look right.  But it will probably only look right after quite a bit of faffing, switching things around, standing back, taking things away, standing back, adding others, standing back again.  And again.  That’s my happy place.  Just me?!

So whilst you will just know when it’s right, there are 5 essentials to use to create the perfect vignette.

1.  Trays

A tray acts as a frame for the basis of your vignette and corrals the different objects so that the grouping looks intentional.

Dark Wood I Black & White I Round Terrazo I Rectagular Brass  I Grey Marble I Round Brass

2. Books

As well as providing a platform for other objects to add height to your vignette, the books themselves provide interest.  There are so many great looking coffee table books these days, and many of them are clearly designed to look the part in a vignette.  Think about how the colour of the books – the spines particularly – tie in with the overall look of your vignette.

Vignette Books - The Refine

Vogue Living I Morning, Noon, Night I Living with Pattern I Mad About the House I The House that Pinterest Built I Domino

3. Art & Photographs

Of course.  Layering art using different sizes, designs, mediums and colours is the best way to add immediate interest to a vignette.  Use both wall hung or stacked.

Border #8 I Jaime Derringer Abstract I I Like You Very Much I Hollywood I Abstract Figure I Floating Couple

4. Plants & Flowers

Another way to add height, but also colour and texture to a vignette with the plants and flowers themselves and the type of vase or planter that you choose.

5. Lighting

Lamps create an anchor for your vignette – and any excuse to use more; I feel like I need a bigger house to have more rooms to have space for all the beautiful lamps out there.

Terrazo & Brass Base I Rectangular Brass I Brass Shade I Copper Floor I Black & White Marble I Brass Floor

I’m always on the look out for more vignette inspiration (as you can see from my dedicated pinterest board!), so would love to see yours.


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